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Supplier Homepage > Products > Led Light UL Listed R1-R15>90 SDCM ≤3 Ra97 2700k+6000K 2835 Led Strip Tape
Led Light UL Listed R1-R15>90 SDCM ≤3 Ra97 2700k+6000K 2835 Led Strip Tape
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product: view count: 393Led Light UL Listed R1-R15>90 SDCM ≤3 Ra97 2700k+6000K 2835 Led Strip Tape 
Brand: GLU-FMN-W-180-12
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China supplier high CRI Ra97 McAdams SDCM ≤3 bi color CCT adj 2835 led strip

1. High CRI: Ra97. CRI 95, R 1 to R 15 all value above 90. McAdams SDCM ≤3.

2. Wide CCT range 1800K, 2200K, 2400K, 2600K, 2800K. 3200k, 3500k, 4000k, 4500k, 5000k, 5500k, 6000k, 6500k are available.

3. Single color/ bi color CCT hybrid version is also available.

4, Superhigh CRI Ra97. Ra95, R1 to R 15 all value above 90.

5.  CE/RoHS, UL.3 year warranty.

7. Dot free, ideal ligth source to be applied in alu profile, high uniformity.

8. Led quantity, voltage, power, pcb width all can be customized.

High CRI led strip will show an object  true pure and vibrant color.  

Here is a visual representation of the difference between low and high CRI :



This product was initially designed to be used for professional photographers and the film industry. Now these LED strip lights are commonly installed in a wide variety of applications such as:


1. Photography lighting

2. Cinematography lighting

3. Product display lighting

4. Makeup counters and hair salons

5. Jewelry Lighting

6. Art lighting etc.



Everfine testing report as below for your reference.

china led manufacturer McAdams SDCM ≤3 Ra97 CCT changeable 2835 led stripe Feature 


1.  Superhigh cri Ra97  0.2W 2835 SMD LED strip light, top quality Epistar chip 2835 SMD LEDs with high lumen LEDs 22-24lm.
2. Double-faced soft FPC with thicker copper layer.
3. Flexible in length suitable for different applications.
4. Both white and copper PCB available
5. Different colors for choice for different applications: cold white, natural white, warm white for different
6. Environmental friendly: complied with CE and RoHS standard without harmful substance, such as lead or Mercury.


Customized 4 OZ high CRI 97 McAdams SDCM ≤3 CCT adjustable 2835 led ribbon Technique Data


Absolute Maximum Rating at TA=25°C



Absolute Maximum Rating


Forward Current


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